R incorrect value of date function

R incorrect value of date function

By : user2956685
Date : November 22 2020, 10:56 AM
may help you . I didn't see this simple solution in the linked questions, so I'm adding it here too.
In base R you can simply use as.POSIXlt class which provides year attribute. You can then simply reduce 100 years.
code :
(Date <- c("65-05-14", "15-05-14", "25-05-14", "34-05-14"))
## [1] "65-05-14" "15-05-14" "25-05-14" "34-05-14"
Date <- as.POSIXlt(Date, format = "%y-%m-%d")
Date$year <- Date$year - 100L
Date # Alternatively, you could also do `as.Date(Date)`
## [1] "1965-05-14 IDT" "1915-05-14 IDT" "1925-05-14 IDT" "1934-05-14 IDT"

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Php date function result is incorrect

Php date function result is incorrect

By : user3903391
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
This might help you You have a typo. The 2nd argument to explode() should be $dated, rather than $date. If you do this, the time is correctly displayed.
code :
function perfect_date_format($date) {
    $dated = str_replace(array(" ", ":"), "-", $date);
    list($year, $month, $day, $hour, $minute) = explode("-", $dated);
    $niceday = @date("H:ia \o\\n\ l, F jS, Y", mktime($hour, $minute, 0, $month, $day, $year));
    return $niceday;

echo perfect_date_format('2011-12-17 03:45:00') . "\n";
03:45am on Saturday, December 17th, 2011
PHP date() function returning incorrect values

PHP date() function returning incorrect values

By : sug
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope that helps Looks like that timestamp is in milliseconds, not seconds as PHP uses them.
Do date(..., $date / 1000).
strtotime() function returning incorrect date

strtotime() function returning incorrect date

By : Little Bit
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help I am getting the date of the next week even when I have set the timezone to UTC-9. , You can append timezone UTC-9 to the string:
code :
$last_time_instance=strtotime('Wednesday 16:00:00 UTC-9');  // 1490803200

$time_instance_formatted=date('d-m-Y H:i:s',$last_time_instance);  // 29-03-2017 12:00:00
Date function returning incorrect result

Date function returning incorrect result

By : Alexander Baker
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope this helps You can always use nsdateformatter.com to check if your dateFormat for your formatter is correct (next to the Examples check Reference which shows you what each letter/letters represent).
In your case, you have to be carefull on dateFormat's case sensitive. Days and years are represented by small letters
code :
dateFormatter.dateFormat = "yyyyMMdd"
PHP date function producing incorrect result

PHP date function producing incorrect result

By : Victor
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps you . I think you might want to read the documentation for the date() function again. There is no b option that I'm aware of and:
code :
echo date('M j, Y', strtotime('2013-02-01'));
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