Left join not working properly

Left join not working properly

By : user2956048
Date : November 22 2020, 10:48 AM
To fix this issue Using http://laravel.com/docs/4.2/queries#advanced-wheres and https://stackoverflow.com/a/18660266/689579 your query would look something like -
code :
$users = DB::table('users')
        ->leftJoin('registrationrequests', 'users.id', '=', 'registrationrequests.user_id')
        ->where('registrationrequests.course_id', $course_id)
        ->where('registrationrequests.registered', 1)
        ->where(function($users) use($search){ 
                $users->where('firstname', 'LIKE', "%$search%")
                      ->orWhere('lastname', 'LIKE', "%$search%")
                      ->orWhere('username', 'LIKE', "%$search%")

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SQL LEFT JOIN not working properly

SQL LEFT JOIN not working properly

By : Mike
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish helps you I'm having trouble getting the result out of my query. I want to fetch the sum and total count of an unit sale in transactions, where the transaction is in a specific zip. , I managed to fix my problem. I'd like to share my result with you:
code :
SELECT SUM(commission_fix_out), COUNT(commission_fix_out), unit_name
FROM unit_type ut
LEFT JOIN transaction t
ON (ut.id = t.unit_type_id AND t.property_id IN (SELECT id FROM property p WHERE
property_zip_id = 1459))   
WHERE department_id = 1
GROUP BY unit_name
ORDER BY ut.id
| SUM(..)   | COUNT()   | unit_name         | id   |
| NULL      | 0         | WV construction   | 1    |
| 40014     | 11        | WV resale         | 2    |
| NULL      | 0         | WV rent           | 3    |
Left Outer Join not working properly

Left Outer Join not working properly

By : Loong Yin Min
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish of those help I am trying to return the top three users with the most uploads. I then have a count to count the number of uploads for each of the 3 top users. Right now it only return one user and the count counts all of the uploads, even if an upload does not belong to that user. , I think this query resolve your problem:
code :
SELECT us.id, us.username, us.avatar, us.country, COUNT(u.id) top_nums 
FROM `user` us 
LEFT JOIN upload u ON us.id = u.userId 
GROUP BY u.userID 
PostgreSQL LEFT JOIN not working properly

PostgreSQL LEFT JOIN not working properly

By : user2229568
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you I have 2 tables: , Having a WHERE clause on your T2 it will filter out all NULLS:
code :
SELECT T1.id, ROUND(COALESCE(SUM(T2.amount), 0), 2) AS spent_amount 
    ON T2.t1_id = T1.id 
    AND T2.date <= '2014-01-01' 
    AND T2.flag2 = 't' 
WHERE T1.flag1 = 't'
LEFT JOIN Not working properly

LEFT JOIN Not working properly

By : user2516368
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem You're not echoing the summed amount, $row['amount'] is the amount of a single row, you want $row['SUM(amount)']. I suggest you give it an alias to make it easier to access:
code :
$result = mysqli_query($con,"select f.amount , u.empid , u.amount , 
                                u.fpo, SUM(u.amount) AS total
                             FROM users AS u
                             LEFT JOIN fpo AS f ON f.empnum = u.empid
                             GROUP BY u.empid") or die(mysqli_error($con));

while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) {
      echo $row['empnum'];
      echo "<br>";
      echo $row['total'];
DISTINCT is not working properly in left join

DISTINCT is not working properly in left join

By : slehar
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps . I have two tables StockIn and StockOut. , A simple GROUP BY with normal SUM's should do.
code :
 SUM(so.QtyOut) AS QtyOut,  
 COALESCE(si.Qty, 0) - SUM(so.QtyOut) AS Balance
FROM dbo.StockIn si 
LEFT JOIN dbo.StockOut so ON so.Id = si.Id
GROUP BY si.Id, si.AssetsName, si.Rate, si.Qty;
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