Using Ant with Jenkins, php lint does not fail on invalid unchanged files

Using Ant with Jenkins, php lint does not fail on invalid unchanged files

By : imuser
Date : November 22 2020, 10:40 AM
I wish this helpful for you This is the solution that I came up with (I'm running Jenkins on Windows, so adjust for the OS accordingly):
Install the plugin: Post build task (it's old, so it will install as Hudson Post build task).
code :

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Ruby on Rails: Processing CSS Lint and JS Lint "realtime" with uploaded files

Ruby on Rails: Processing CSS Lint and JS Lint "realtime" with uploaded files

By : Karl Hendrickson
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it fixes the issue What I ended up doing was installing the Node.js versions of JSHint and CSSLint, and then calling them through Rails and parsing the output, like so:
code :
  def validate_js(filepath)
    capture_error = false
    filename = get_filename(filepath)
    file_regex = Regexp.new(filepath)
    lint_config = "--config #{Rails.root}/test/validators/jshint.json"
    lint_reporter = "--reporter #{Rails.root}/test/validators/jshint-reporter.js"

    IO.popen("jshint #{filepath} #{lint_config} #{lint_reporter}") do |pipe|

      pipe.each do |line|
        if line =~ file_regex
          # Error detected
          error_msg = line.split("#{filepath}: ").last.strip
          @js_error = @instance.parse_warnings.new(:filename => filename, :error_type => 'javascript', 
                                                        :error_message => error_msg)
          capture_error = true
        elsif capture_error 
          # The actual line the error is on
          @js_error.error_content = line

          capture_error = false
          @js_error = nil # Empty the variable so it isn't hanging around after the last error

def validate_css(filepath)
    filename = get_filename(filepath)
    dir = File.expand_path(File.dirname(filepath)) # Where we want to dump the results.xml file

    system("csslint --format=lint-xml > #{dir}/#{filename}-results.xml #{filepath}") # Call CSSLint

    output = LibXML::XML::Parser.file("#{dir}/#{filename}-results.xml")
    doc = output.parse # Iterate over the errors
    doc.find('//issue').each do |issue|
      error_msg = "line #{issue['line']}, col #{issue['char']}, #{issue['reason']}"
      error_content = issue['evidence']
      @instance.parse_warnings.create!(:filename => filename, :error_type => 'css', :error_message => error_msg,
                                            :error_content => error_content)
    FileUtils.rm("#{dir}/#{filename}-results.xml") # No need to keep the xml file around
Android Lint producing invalid xml files

Android Lint producing invalid xml files

By : Laurent Sartran
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Any of those help So it looks like I may have found a bug in the plugin. I am going to post the work around I came up with in hopes that it can help others while it is resolved. The issue that is causing this problem is that the Jenkins XML parser cannot read some of the characters in the warning explanation.
Thus when you run lint I would suggest outputting it into a file such as 'lint-report-malformed.xml' then another stackoverflow question provides a Perl script for filtering invalid characters from a file. How to remove invalid characters from an xml file using sed or Perl
code :
perl -CSDA -pe'
' lint-report-malformed.xml > lint-report.xml
git update-index --assume-unchanged - get list of "unchanged" files

git update-index --assume-unchanged - get list of "unchanged" files

By : user3555187
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this helpful for you So I run:
code :
git ls-files -v | grep --perl-regexp '^[a-z]\s' | cut --delimiter=' ' --fields=2-
Add lint to CI and mark a build fail when lint produces errors for Android Studio projects

Add lint to CI and mark a build fail when lint produces errors for Android Studio projects

By : Martin Georgiev
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will be helpful for those in need You don't need the Lint Jenkins plugin. Just put something this in your JenkinsFile.
code :
try {
    sh './gradlew lint'
} finally {
    step([$class: 'ArtifactArchiver', artifacts: 'app/build/reports/staticAnalysis/lint/', fingerprint: true])
Lint Fail for Cocoapods

Lint Fail for Cocoapods

By : Jacob Jones
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish helps you It shows that because you're able to use both swift and Objc languages in your pod. Just run the following command in the terminal:
code :
    `echo "2.3" > .swift-version` 
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