Unwanted filled letters in webpage

Unwanted filled letters in webpage

By : user2955385
Date : November 22 2020, 10:40 AM
wish help you to fix your issue I'm unable to reproduce this on Windows 7 (Chrome, Firefox, IE) with Munro installed locally. The letters display just fine (see image below). And I think that's the bigger issue: fonts not made for the web are likely to be rendered very differently across browsers and platforms (if at all). If you want to make sure these buttons look the same for all your users, stick to the images you created with Photoshop (and perhaps save them as PNG-8 with transparency rather than PNG-24 to shave off some kilobytes).
Technically, you can turn any TTF file into a web font, using FontSquirrel's Webfont Generator, for example. The font's license has to allow this, of course, because you'd essentially be redistributing the font. Just placing the TTF file in a /fonts/ folder and using font-family: Munro;, however, is not going to cut it, and only works for you because you have previously installed the font on your computer.
code :

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CakePHP 2.4: Unwanted pre-filled form data

CakePHP 2.4: Unwanted pre-filled form data

By : Keevin Tarantino
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
should help you out Is not your browser? (saved username/password when you type for the first time)
So, you can turn of the autocomplete.
code :
<?php echo $this->Form->create('User', array('url' => BASE_URL.'/users/add', 'action'=>'post', 'autocomplete' => 'off')); ?>
Drawing filled circles with letters in iOS 7

Drawing filled circles with letters in iOS 7

By : gromimiss
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you Below is a UIView subclass that will do what you want. It will correctly size and position 1 or more letters in the circle. Here's how it looks with 1-3 letters at various sizes (32, 64, 128, 256):
code :
@interface MELetterCircleView : UIView

 * The text to display in the view. This should be limited to 
 * just a few characters.
@property (nonatomic, strong) NSString *text;


@interface MELetterCircleView ()

@property (nonatomic, strong) UIColor *circleColor;


@implementation MELetterCircleView

- (instancetype)initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame text:(NSString *)text
    self = [super initWithFrame:frame];
    if (self)
        self.text = text;

    return self;

// Override to set the circle's background color. 
// The view's background will always be clear.
-(void)setBackgroundColor:(UIColor *)backgroundColor
    self.circleColor = backgroundColor;
    [super setBackgroundColor:[UIColor clearColor]];

- (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect
    CGContextRef context = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext();

    [self.circleColor setFill];
    CGContextAddArc(context, CGRectGetMidX(rect), CGRectGetMidY(rect),
                             CGRectGetWidth(rect)/2, 0, 2*M_PI, YES);

    [self drawSubtractedText:self.text inRect:rect inContext:context];


- (void)drawSubtractedText:(NSString *)text inRect:(CGRect)rect 

    // Magic blend mode
    CGContextSetBlendMode(context, kCGBlendModeDestinationOut);

    CGFloat pointSize = 
           [self optimumFontSizeForFont:[UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:100.f]

    UIFont *font = [UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:pointSize];

    // Move drawing start point for centering label.
    CGContextTranslateCTM(context, 0, 
                           (CGRectGetMidY(rect) - (font.lineHeight/2)));

    CGRect frame = CGRectMake(0, 0, CGRectGetWidth(rect), font.lineHeight)];
    UILabel *label = [[UILabel alloc] initWithFrame:frame];
    label.font = font;
    label.text = text;
    label.textAlignment = NSTextAlignmentCenter;
    label.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];
    [label.layer drawInContext:context];

    // Restore the state of other drawing operations

-(CGFloat)optimumFontSizeForFont:(UIFont *)font inRect:(CGRect)rect 
                        withText:(NSString *)text
    // For current font point size, calculate points per pixel
    CGFloat pointsPerPixel = font.lineHeight / font.pointSize;

    // Scale up point size for the height of the label. 
    // This represents the optimum size of a single letter.
    CGFloat desiredPointSize = rect.size.height * pointsPerPixel;

    if ([text length] == 1)
            // In the case of a single letter, we need to scale back a bit
            //  to take into account the circle curve.
            // We could calculate the inner square of the circle, 
            // but this is a good approximation.
        desiredPointSize = .80*desiredPointSize;
        // More than a single letter. Let's make room for more.
        desiredPointSize = desiredPointSize / [text length];

    return desiredPointSize;
What's causing my array to be filled with unwanted numbers

What's causing my array to be filled with unwanted numbers

By : Zoltán Forgács
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix this issue I am trying to implement a set ADT using dynamic arrays. I have a set for odd and even numbers. When a array is full I use realloc to get a bigger array. The problem is that this also seems to fill the array with unwanted numbers. , In function set_add you should change the if condition:
code :
 if (set->numitems + 1 >= set->maxitems) // Make new bigger array if full
if (set->numitems  >= set->maxitems) // Make new bigger array if full
Creating a set filled with letters from the alphabet in python

Creating a set filled with letters from the alphabet in python

By : Fonda
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix this issue a, b, ... on their own are not strings, they are names. Python strings must be enclosed in single quotes ('a'), double quotes ("a") or triple quotes ("""a""" or '''a'''). So, the correct version of your code would be:
Unwanted outlined appearing for a UIBezierPath that is filled and used as a clip for a see thru gradient

Unwanted outlined appearing for a UIBezierPath that is filled and used as a clip for a see thru gradient

By : Aurelia Favela
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help I have a path that is filled and also used for a clip to provide a gradient. The rendering of the gradient is just a tiny bit smaller or differently anti-aliased compared with the rendering of the fill. This creates an outline effect: , I think you have to turn off antialiasing like this:
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