Axonframework doesn't insert event data with jpa

Axonframework doesn't insert event data with jpa

By : TheBinaryPenguin
Date : November 22 2020, 10:31 AM
should help you out ATM to use JPA with Axon requires Spring. The only implementation provided for Axon TransactionManager is SpringTransactionManager which requires an instance of org.springframework.orm.jpa.JpaTransactionManager. See JpaEventStore and resource local transactions: quite old but seems still valid.
By Spring I mean not only Spring-orm but also Spring-context and Spring-aspects. I haven't find out how to use JpaTransactionManager without all the Spring magic.
code :

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Bulk Insert doesnt insert data when importing text into a date field

Bulk Insert doesnt insert data when importing text into a date field

By : Marko Markač
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope this helps It is entirely possible that one or more of the records you are trying to bulk insert do not contain valid dates. Sometimes that is a result of using a less common date format, so they might look like good dates. Some countries put the month first instead of the day and that can confuse bulk insert.
Another thing you could try to do if the dates are good is to use a Format file.
Why doesnt my query insert the data into the database?

Why doesnt my query insert the data into the database?

By : CFiery
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you I have found where the problem is on your function.
The problem is here : VALUES (:customer_mail_adres, :naam, :paypal, :subscription_start, null, :password, :country_name)");
code :

require 'connect.php';


GLOBAL $conn;

function createAccount()

    $email      = $_POST['emailAdres'];
    $username   = $_POST['naamGebruiker'];
    $wachtwoord = $_POST['wachtwoordGebruiker'];
    GLOBAL $conn;

    $hashed_pass        = md5($wachtwoord);
    $paypal             = $email;
    $subscription_start = date("Y:m:d");
    $land               = 'Nederland';
    $enddate               = 'null';

    try {

        $query = $conn->prepare("INSERT INTO Customer (customer_mail_adress, name,  paypal_account, subscription_start, subscription_end, password, country_name) " . "VALUES (:customer_mail_adres, :naam, :paypal, :subscription_start, :enddate, :password, :country_name)");

        $query->bindParam(':customer_mail_adres', $email);
        $query->bindParam(':naam', $username);
        $query->bindParam(':paypal', $paypal);
        $query->bindParam(':subscription_start', $subscription_start);
        $query->bindParam(':password', $hashed_pass);
        $query->bindParam(':country_name', $land);
        $query->bindParam(':enddate', $enddate);

        if ($query->execute()) {

            echo  "Done";

    catch (PDOException $e) {

        echo "error". $e->getMessage();


    //password check
    if ($_POST['wachtwoordGebruiker'] == $_POST['bevestigWachtwoord']) {


    } else {

        echo "De opgegeven wachtwoorden komen niet overeen!";

Can I use both standard repositories and event Sourcing repositories in axonframework?

Can I use both standard repositories and event Sourcing repositories in axonframework?

By : user7002033
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it helps some times In essence, you don't need Event Sourcing to be able to record all events from a system; you need an Event Store. In Axon, an Event Store is a specialized version of the Event Bus, which stores all Events in an EventStorageEngine (e.g. JPA, JDBC or Mongo) before publishing them to all listeners.
In respect to Repository, you can only use a single Repository to load an Aggregate. It's either Event Sourced, or it's not. When it's Event Sourced, the Aggregate is reconstructed using the Events that it published in the past. Otherwise, an ORM mechanism will reconstruct current state based on the data stored in the database.
only insert data into mysql database of value doesnt exist yet

only insert data into mysql database of value doesnt exist yet

By : user7359783
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it fixes the issue Now that you create an alias tmp from the subquery, the column names are by default derived from the values if no names are assigned. If you happen to have same values multiple times the derived column names will be the same.
All you need to do, is to name the columns in the subquery (also the code becomes bit more readable):
code :
INSERT INTO `post metrics minutes` ( `date updated`, `impressions`, `reach`, `fan reach`, `viral reach`, `consumptions`, `consumers`, `engaged users`, `engaged fans`, `engagements`, `storytellers`, `negative feedbacks`, `video views`, `hours video view time`, `video length (sec)`, `video avg time watched`, `content quality`, `type alignment`, `neg.fdbck.rate unweighted`, `eng.rate unweighted`, `video completion rate unweighted`, `post id`) 
    now() as 'date updated', 
    94997 as 'impressions', 
    61475 as 'reach', 
    87611 as 'fan reach', 
    5382 as 'viral reach', 
    2677 as 'consumptions', 
    1818 as 'consumers', 
    2052 as 'engaged users', 
    1890 as 'engaged fans', 
    577 as 'engagements', 
    540 as 'storytellers', 
    53 as 'negative feedbacks', 
    21955 as 'video views', 
    0 as 'hours video view time', 
    959.13 as 'video length (sec)', 
    0 as 'video avg time watched', 
    'weak' as 'content quality', 
    'normal rates' as 'type alignment', 
    0.00086213908092721 as 'neg.fdbck.rate unweighted', 
    0.0093859292395283 as 'eng.rate unweighted', 
    0 as 'video completion rate unweighted', 
    123 as'post id'
) AS tmp
 FROM `post metrics minutes` 
 WHERE `post id` = 123 AND `impressions` = 94997
Insert data into mysql db with php script doesnt work

Insert data into mysql db with php script doesnt work

By : user1941018
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you SOLUTION
I finally got what the problem was, if somebody else has this problem:
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