JQuery collision not working properly

JQuery collision not working properly

By : user2952807
Date : November 19 2020, 03:59 PM
it fixes the issue This should do it pretty well:
code :
$(function() {
  var $pln = $('#plane').data('hit', !!0);
      $('#HUD')[0].textContent = 'Collisions:  0';

  $(document).on('click', function(){

    var $div = $('<div class="blt" />')

    setTimeout(function() {
      $div.fadeOut(100, function() {
    }, 300);


  .on('keydown', function(e) { 
    var animationProps;


    switch(e.which) {
      case 37:
        animationProps = { left: "-=10px" }
      case 38:
        animationProps = { top: "-=45px" }
      case 39:
        animationProps = { left: "+=45px" }
      case 40:
        animationProps = { top: "+=45px" }

      .animate(animationProps, { duration: 200, queue: false, complete: checkCollisions });

  function checkCollisions(){
    var $enemy = $("#enemy")[0],
        $hud = $('#HUD'),
        pos1 = getPosition($enemy),
        pos2 = getPosition(this);

    var hMatch = posEqual(pos1[0], pos2[0]),
        vMatch = posEqual(pos1[1], pos2[1]),
        match = hMatch && vMatch;

    if (match) {
      var hit = $('#plane').data('hit');

      hit || $('#plane').data('hit', !hit);

      if (hit) return;

      $hud[0].textContent = 'Collisions: ' + 

    } else {
      $('#plane').data('hit', !!hit);

function getPosition(entity) {
  var $entity = $(entity);
  var position = $entity.position();
  var width = $entity.width();
  var height = $entity.height();
  return [
    [position.left, position.left + width], 
    [position.top, position.top + height] 

function posEqual(pos1, pos2) {
  var x1 = pos1[0] < pos2[0] ? pos1 : pos2,
      x2 = pos1[0] < pos2[0] ? pos2 : pos1;
  return x1[1] > x2[0] || x1[0] === x2[0];

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Circular collision rebound not working properly

Circular collision rebound not working properly

By : Arun
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps Makes balls collide (reflect movement vector) only if they're moving towards each other. Do not process collision if they're moving away from each other. Break this rule, and they'll be glued together. When processing collision, update both balls at once. Do not update one ball at a time. Your move vector adjustment is incorrect. Balls don't reflect against each other, because they can be moving at different speeds.
Correct movement adjustment (assuming balls have equal mass) should look something like that:
code :
pos1 and pos2 = positions;
v1 and v2 are movement vector (speed);
n is collision normal == normalize(pos1 - pos2);
collisionSpeed = dot((v2-v1), n);
collisionSpeed *= elasticy; (0.0..1.0);
v1 = v1 - dot(v1, n);
v2 = v2 - dot(v2, n);
v1 -= scale(n, collisionSpeed * 0.5);
v2 += scale(n, collisionSpeed * 0.5);
Object Collision not working properly in c#

Object Collision not working properly in c#

By : user3615714
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish of those help I was creating a little platforming game and i was stuck on the TOP and BOTTOM object collision for a block. , First I want to offer a few tips.
code :
player.Left + player.Width == player.Right
if (jump == true)
    player.Top -= force; force -= 1;
// if the player is at the bottom of the screen
if (player.Bottom >= screen.Bottom) 
    jump = false;
// if the player is hitting a block
else if (player.Right >= block.Left &&
    player.Left <= block.Right &&
    player.Bottom >= block.Top &&
    player.Top <= block.Bottom)
    force = 0;
    jump = false;
    player.Top += 5;
    jumped = false;
    nothing = false;
Why my collision system isn't working properly?

Why my collision system isn't working properly?

By : OhMy Lrrr
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
like below fixes the issue I solved my problem by setting the origin of my sprite to the center of my image. So the coordinate of my box became
code :
  player.push_back(sf::Vector2f(-42, -42));
  player.push_back(sf::Vector2f(42 , -42));
  player.push_back(sf::Vector2f(42, 42));
  player.push_back(sf::Vector2f(-42, 42));
Why is my collision detection not working properly?

Why is my collision detection not working properly?

By : Tokisaki Kurumi
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help In your checkCollision method, you have to set the xVelocity back to a positive number. Try this:
code :
public void checkCollision() {
      Rectangle playerRect = player.bounds();
      Rectangle ballRect = ball.bounds();
      if (playerRect.intersects(ballRect)) {
          if (ball.getyVelocity() < 0) {
        } else if (ball.getyVelocity() > 0) {
Collision is not working properly as3

Collision is not working properly as3

By : hajmf
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you Currently, brick is referring to the last instance created in your for loop. What you need to do is store these objects in an array, loop through that array, and check for a collision between each individual brick within that array.
It might look something like this:
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