SCNScene: Calculate projected size of an object

SCNScene: Calculate projected size of an object

By : Indranil Das
Date : November 17 2020, 11:55 AM
I think the issue was by ths following ,
Use getBoundingBoxMin(_:max:) to find the corners of the space your 3D element occupies in the SceneKit scene.
code :

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SCNScene - fatal error calling SCNScene(named:): Thread 1: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION

SCNScene - fatal error calling SCNScene(named:): Thread 1: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION

By : Leigh Revolta
Date : November 16 2020, 09:01 AM
this one helps. A .dae file contains scene information and is used to load a scene created externally (not in code). That "glasses1.dae" string is the name of a file that should be part of your project. Presumably the childWithNodeName(_:recursively:) method call is used to find a child node with the name "glasses2" that is created as part of the scene defined in the .dea file used to create the scene.
The ! operator at the end of the two lines you are indicating is used to force unwrap an optional value, and it will crash the program if the value contains nil. As such, I assume that your scene is not being created because the "glasses.dea" file is not actually part of your project and SceneKit is failing to load it and returning a nil scene.
How to calculate Projected YTD in Power BI using DAX

How to calculate Projected YTD in Power BI using DAX

By : parmanandyadav
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
like below fixes the issue Some comments before getting into my solution:
The numbers in the file you shared don't exactly line up with the numbers in your question, so hopefully this solution matches the expected numbers. There is a screenshot at the end of this solution showing the report page that I was working on so that you can see the structure I was using as an example. To comment on the last remark in your question, you don't technically have to make all of these measures; you could combine the formulas into one (similar to what I did on the first budget related formula below), but I think breaking them out into separate measures as I did will be nicer for reporting efforts.
code :
PremiumsMTD = TOTALMTD(SUM(Premiums[Premium]), Dates[Date])

PremiumsYTD = TOTALYTD(SUM(Premiums[Premium]), Dates[Date])
BudgetMTD = 
VAR DaysOfMonth = MAXX(Dates, DAY(EOMONTH(Dates[Date], 0)))
VAR BudgetPerDayForMonth = SUM(BudgetData[Amount]) / DaysOfMonth
VAR DaysInMonthToToday = MAXX(Dates,
    IF(Dates[Date] < TODAY(), DAY(Dates[Date]),
        IF(Dates[Date] > TODAY(), 0,

RETURN BudgetPerDayForMonth * DaysInMonthToToday
BudgetYTD = TOTALYTD(BudgetData[BudgetMTD], Dates[Date], Dates[Date] <= TODAY())
BudgetVarianceMTD = (Premiums[PremiumsMTD] - BudgetData[BudgetMTD]) / BudgetData[BudgetMTD]

BudgetVarianceYTD = (Premiums[PremiumsYTD] - BudgetData[BudgetYTD]) / BudgetData[BudgetYTD]
Load a SCNScene object from the DAE model that is in the Sandbox

Load a SCNScene object from the DAE model that is in the Sandbox

By : Husam R. Safari
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this helpful for you Probably you should do smth following. Replace path documentDirectory with yours in Sandbox
code :
let documentDirectory = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(.documentDirectory, .userDomainMask, true)[0]
let pathToObject = documentDirectory + "/tmp/MyUnzippedFiles/4823092205063.dae"
let fileUrl = URL(fileURLWithPath: pathToObject)
let virtualObjectScene = try SCNScene(url: url)
How to calculate a point horizontaly projected to an angled line

How to calculate a point horizontaly projected to an angled line

By : user1991309
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish did fix the issue. There may be easier solutions out there. The basic Math solution is as follows:
Calculate the linear function of p1 and p2 as mentioned here. An equation in the slope-intercept form is written as
code :
Vector3 p1 = new Vector3(1f, 2f);
Vector3 p2 = new Vector3(2f, 3f);
Vector3 p3 = new Vector3(1000f, 5f);
Vector3 p4 = Vector3.zero;

float m = ((p2.y - p1.y) / (p2.x - p1.x));
float b = p1.y - (m * p1.x);

// x = ( y - b ) / m
p4.x = (p3.y - b) / m;
p4.y = p3.y;

print(p4); // (4.0, 5.0, 0.0) as expected
Calculate MTD using CTE and Projected Sales in SQL

Calculate MTD using CTE and Projected Sales in SQL

By : user2051174
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you You can try to use cte recursive create a calendar table for orderdate startDate to endDate.
Then OUTER JOIN base on calendar table and do condition aggregate function in subquery get workdate.
code :
;WITH cte 
     AS (SELECT email, 
                Dateadd(day, 1, Eomonth(Min(orderdate), -1)) minDt, 
                Dateadd(day, 1, Eomonth(Max(orderdate)))     maxDt 
         FROM   t 
         GROUP  BY email 
         UNION ALL 
         SELECT email, 
                Dateadd(day, 1, mindt), 
         FROM   cte 
         WHERE  Dateadd(day, 1, mindt) < maxdt), 
     AS (SELECT *, 
                        WHEN Datename(dw, t1.mindt) NOT IN ('Sunday', 'Saturday' ) 
                      END) OVER( ORDER BY t1.mindt) workdt 
         FROM   cte t1) 
SELECT t1.email, 
       Max(diffdt) / ( Max(workdt) * Max(workdtmax) * 1.0 ) Projected_sales 
                   partition BY email 
                   ORDER BY workdt DESC) workdtMax, 
               Datediff(day, Min(mindt) OVER(partition BY email ORDER BY workdt) 
               , Max(mindt)  OVER(partition BY email ORDER BY workdt DESC))   + 1      diffdt 
        FROM   cte2) t1 
       LEFT JOIN (SELECT email, 
                         Sum(paymentamount) total, 
                         Min(orderdate)     minDt, 
                         Max(orderdate)     maxDt 
                  FROM   t 
                  GROUP  BY email) t2 
              ON t1.mindt BETWEEN t2.mindt AND t2.maxdt 
                 AND t1.email = t2.email 
WHERE  t2.total IS NOT NULL 
GROUP  BY t1.email, 
email           total   Projected_sales
xyz@gmail.com   30      0.19480519480519
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