C++- Converting very large integers expressed as strings("2134628961988274893") to binary code

C++- Converting very large integers expressed as strings("2134628961988274893") to binary code

By : user2950393
Date : November 17 2020, 11:55 AM
should help you out C++ has no native support for arbitrary precision integers, however it's not difficult to implement what is needed for this specific use case. You need to:
Chose a format. For example using an std::vector to store numbers in base 256 Implement addition of two arbitrary precision numbers in base 256 Implement multiplication by 10
code :
std::vector<unsigned char> res;
for (int i=0,n=str.size(); i<n; i++) {
    add(res, str[i]-'0');
void add(std::vector<unsigned char>& num, int digit) {
    for (int i=0,n=num.size(); digit && i < n; i++) {
        int x = num[i] + digit;
        num[i] = x & 255;
        digit = x >> 8;
    if (digit) {

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Converting list of integers into a binary "string" in python

Converting list of integers into a binary "string" in python

By : Jason Xin Zheng
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
seems to work fine You want to send a single byte for ALPHA if it's < 256, but two bytes if >= 256? This seems weird -- how is the receiver going to know which is the case...???
But, if this IS what you want, then
code :
x = struct.pack(4*'B' + 'HB'[ALPHA<256] + 4*'B', *data)
What is meant by "large" in "binary large object" or Blob

What is meant by "large" in "binary large object" or Blob

By : bee gaemgyu
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this helpful for you There is no clear definition over all DBMS. But according to MySQL:
Difference between strings in Scala while converting binary strings to integers

Difference between strings in Scala while converting binary strings to integers

By : Venkatadri Sandu
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will be helpful for those in need Calling toString actually gives you a string that describes the List, not an actual String composed only of the List elements. You want mkString (in a worksheet):
code :
val a: String = List("0","1","1").toString
a  // res0: String = List(0, 1, 1)
val b: String = List("0","1","1").mkString
b  // res1: String = 011
Integer.parseInt(b, 2)  // res2: Int = 3
List of string "integers" to integers accounting for "non-numeric" strings Python

List of string "integers" to integers accounting for "non-numeric" strings Python

By : jay
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
around this issue I am fetching data from an online database. It returns dates and numeric values as strings in a list. i.e. ['87', '79', '50', 'M', '65'] (this is the values for a y axis plot and the x axis values are years associated with those values i.e. ['2018', '2017', '2016', '2015', '2014']. Before I can plot these values I first need to convert them into integers. I have accomplished this by simply using maxT_int = list(map(int,maxTList), the problem exists however, where sometimes data is missing and is indicated as missing by the 'M' as in the example above. , You could use numpy.nan and a function:
code :
import numpy as np

lst = ['87', '79', '50', 'M', '65']

def convert(item):
    if item == 'M':
        return np.nan
        return int(item)

new_lst = list(map(convert, lst))
new_lst = [int(item) if item is not 'M' else np.nan for item in lst]
[87, 79, 50, nan, 65]
Python/wand code causes "Killed" when converting large PDFs

Python/wand code causes "Killed" when converting large PDFs

By : sean peng
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you I have been working on setting up a PDF conversion-to-png and cropping script with Python 3.6.3 and the wand library. , Yes, your line:
code :
all_pages = Image(filename=path+filename, resolution=resolution)

import sys
import pyvips

def convert_pdf(filename, resolution=300):
    # n is number of pages to load, -1 means load all pages
    all_pages = pyvips.Image.new_from_file(filename, dpi=resolution, n=-1, \

    # That'll be RGBA ... flatten out the alpha
    all_pages = all_pages.flatten(background=255)

    # the PDF is loaded as a very tall, thin image, with the pages joined
    # top-to-bottom ... we loop down the image cutting out each page
    n_pages = all_pages.get("n-pages")
    page_width = all_pages.width
    page_height = all_pages.height / n_pages

    for i in range(0, n_pages):
        page = all_pages.crop(0, i * page_height, page_width, page_height) 
        print("writing {}.tif ..".format(i))

$ /usr/bin/time -f %M:%e ../pages.py ~/pics/Audi_US\ R8_2017-2.pdf 
writing 0.tif ..
writing 1.tif ..
writing 20.tif ..
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