Why symfony2 it rendering the whole page?

Why symfony2 it rendering the whole page?

By : user2950002
Date : November 17 2020, 04:28 AM
To fix the issue you can do There are many ways to make an AJAX requests to load only part of the whole page. You can use pure JavaScript or frameworks like jQuery, Dojo, Backbone.js, Ember.js, AngularJS, Spine.js, KnockoutJS, YUI, Batman.js, Closure, Agility.js, Knockback.js, React.JS. You can use any of them. They all contain AJAX-functionality.
But you need not only JS-framework to work with partial loading. You need also to organise your controllers on the server-side. Your controllers must not extend your base.html.twig but send in response only html-part or JSON-object that represent this html-part.
code :

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Location of template rendering in Symfony2

Location of template rendering in Symfony2

By : user3294918
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. In the most general case, assuming you're using the FrameworkBundle (if you're using Standard Edition, you are), the render function just calls $this->container->get('templating')->renderResponse, just passing along the parameters.
Engines (like the twig engine) implement Symfony\Component\Templating\EngineInterface.
Symfony2 Forms not rendering

Symfony2 Forms not rendering

By : Rein Bentdal
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you The function was changed from form_widget() to form() in symfony2.3. I am using symfony2.2 and was reading the wrong docs
Symfony2 response rendering

Symfony2 response rendering

By : Eng Moha Bashiir Gul
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
may help you . No, the render method executes the twig templating engine and renders the template, which gets returned as text in a response. The response don't even know that the string was build by twig with some parameters/variables.
What you can do is having a $params variable containing the parameters, add some parameters to that array and use it in the end to generate the template:
code :
$params = array(
    'firstname' => 'Joe'

// ...
$params['lastname'] = 'Doe';

return $this->render(..., $params);
Symfony2 - Twig updates are not rendering

Symfony2 - Twig updates are not rendering

By : user3522449
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further It can be very strange but... after restarting the services of wamp, everything seems to work correctly...
Need help rendering a php script im symfony2

Need help rendering a php script im symfony2

By : DaBe
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further Is it possible to render a flat PHP script in symfony2/twig? , NOPE! You can't.
And if that were possible would be a nonsense.
code :
# app/config/config.yml
    # ...
        engines: ['twig', 'php']
# src/AppBundle/Controller/HelloController.php
public function indexAction($name)
    return $this->render(
        array('name' => $name)
<!-- app/Resources/views/Hello/index.html.php -->
<?php $view->extend('AppBundle::layout.html.php') ?>

Hello <?php echo $name ?>!
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