Transforming recursive DFS-based topological sort into a non-recursive algorithm (without losing cycle detection)

Transforming recursive DFS-based topological sort into a non-recursive algorithm (without losing cycle detection)

By : user2948635
Date : November 14 2020, 04:51 PM
To fix this issue Obviously, you'd use a stack but you wouldn't put all adjacent nodes anyway: that would yield a DFS with the wrong size complexity anyway (it would be quadratic in the number of nodes assuming non-parallel edges, otherwise potentially worse). Instead, you'd store the current node together with a state indicating the next node to be visited. You'd always work off the stack's top, i.e., something like this:
code :
std::stack<std::pair<node, iterator> stack;
stack.push(std::make_pair(root, root.begin()));
while (!stack.empty()) {
    std::pair<node, iterator>& top = stack.top();
    if (top.second == top.first.begin()) {
        // do whatever needs to be done upon first visit
    while (top.second != top.first.end() && is_marked(*top.second)) {
    if (top.second != top.first.end()) {
        node next = *top.second;
        stack.push(std::make_pair(next, next.first());
    else {

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Topological sort, recursive, using generators

Topological sort, recursive, using generators

By : Bridgier
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hop of those help? Data: a dependency list, already verified to be acyclic. So here, 'a' depends on 'b','c' (c depends on d), etc... , Try this:
code :
#!/usr/bin/env python

def get_all(D, k):
    yield k
    for ii in D.get(k, []):
        for jj in get_all(D, ii):
            yield jj

A = { 'a' : dict(b=1, c=1),
    'c' : dict(d=1),
    'd' : dict(e=1,f=1,g=1),
    'h' : dict(j=1)

for ii in get_all(A,'a'):
    print ii
$ python recur.py
Cycle detection with recursive subquery factoring

Cycle detection with recursive subquery factoring

By : user1564302
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Any of those help From documentation on CONNECT_BY_ISCYCLE:
Is Topological sort different from DFS only in that processing of current element is done after recursive call

Is Topological sort different from DFS only in that processing of current element is done after recursive call

By : messi
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it fixes the issue Not exactly. DFS is the generic form. You can use it to implement a pre and/or post order evaluation.
Topological sort requires a post evaluation DFS.
code :
void DFS(Vertex v) {
  if (v.hasVisited)
  v.hasVisited = true;
  for (Vertex u : v.neighbours)

void DFS()
    for (Vertex v : vertices)
Tail recursive algorithm for generating all topological orderings in a graph

Tail recursive algorithm for generating all topological orderings in a graph

By : Praburaam Jayaraman
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix the issue you can do Implementing this variation on topological sort without blowing up the stack and without computing all possibilities at once has been painful. I ended up with the following implementation:
code :
import scalax.collection.Graph
import scalax.collection.GraphPredef._
import scalax.collection.GraphEdge._
import scala.collection.Set

object test extends App {

  class TopSorter[T](val graph: Graph[T, DiEdge]) extends Iterator[List[T]] {

    final case class State[Node](indegrees: Map[Node, Int], topo: List[Node])

    sealed trait TopoRes
    final case class Res(order: List[graph.NodeT], sorter: Set[State[graph.NodeT]]) extends TopoRes
    final case object Nil extends TopoRes

    private[this] val indegs: Map[graph.NodeT, Int] = graph.nodes.map(node => (node, node.inDegree)).toMap
    private[this] var nextOrder = nextTopo(Set(State(indegs, List[graph.NodeT]())))

    override def hasNext: Boolean = nextOrder.isInstanceOf[Res]

    override def next(): List[T] = nextOrder match {
      case Res(order, sorter) => {
        nextOrder = nextTopo(sorter)
      case Nil => throw new NoSuchElementException("next on empty iterator")

    private def nextTopo(w: Set[State[graph.NodeT]]): TopoRes = {
      if (w.isEmpty) {
      else {
        w.head match {
          case State(indegrees, topo) => {
            val sources = indegrees.keySet.filter(indegrees.get(_).get == 0)
            if (sources.isEmpty) {
              Res(topo.reverse, w.tail) // The result is the order + state to compute the next order
            else {
              sourcesLoop(sources, w.tail, topo, indegrees)

    private def sourcesLoop(sources: Set[graph.NodeT], w: Set[State[graph.NodeT]], topo: List[graph.NodeT], indegrees: Map[graph.NodeT, Int]): TopoRes = {
      if (sources.isEmpty) {
      else {
        val source = sources.head
        succLoop(source.diSuccessors, indegrees - source, sources, w, source, topo, indegrees)

    private def succLoop(succs: Set[graph.NodeT], indegrees: Map[graph.NodeT, Int], sources: Set[graph.NodeT], w: Set[State[graph.NodeT]], source: graph.NodeT, topo: List[graph.NodeT], oldIndegrees: Map[graph.NodeT, Int]): TopoRes = {
      if (succs.isEmpty) {
        sourcesLoop(sources.tail, w + State(indegrees, source :: topo), topo, oldIndegrees)
      else {
        val succ = succs.head
        succLoop(succs.tail, indegrees.updated(succ, indegrees.get(succ).get - 1), sources, w, source, topo, oldIndegrees)

  val graph: Graph[Int, DiEdge] = Graph(2 ~> 4, 2 ~> 7, 4 ~> 5)
  val it = new TopSorter(graph)

  while (it.hasNext)
MySQL recursive cycle detection procedure

MySQL recursive cycle detection procedure

By : John Z
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
around this issue Try to reset this mysql variable: max_sp_recursion_depth, thread_stack
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