Chef - install a specific version of apache

Chef - install a specific version of apache

By : Mehmet Ayaz
Date : November 14 2020, 04:48 PM
I wish this helpful for you See the documenation for the package resource here there's an attribute named version for the package resource which is what you're looking for.
Side note: prefer attributes referenced in the resource to stick the version instead of hardcoding them in the recipe, it is less error prone when wou'll want to update the version.
code :
default['httpd']['version'] = "2.2.15"
package "httpd" do
  version node['httpd']['version']

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Vagrant + Chef + apt: Is it possible to install a specific version of a deb package on a Ubuntu VM?

Vagrant + Chef + apt: Is it possible to install a specific version of a deb package on a Ubuntu VM?

By : donmacrockin
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this will help I'm using Vagrant with Chef to build a Ubuntu 12.04 virtual machine. I'm using the opscode cookbooks from here: https://github.com/opscode/cookbooks , I think I figured it out. It's pretty simple:
code :
package "git" do
  version "1:"
  action :install
chef mysql install specific version

chef mysql install specific version

By : mattmincher
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it helps some times For PHP, if you want to install a different version from what is what is available in the distribution's official repository, you can use the compile from source install method instead of package (default).
Simply change default['php']['install_method'] to 'source' and run the default recipe. Alternatively explicitly run php::source ;-)
How to install specific version of PHP from source alongside Apache using Chef?

How to install specific version of PHP from source alongside Apache using Chef?

By : Ömer Kıraç
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope that helps Not if you use the apache2::mod_php5 recipe.
If you look into the recipe you can see that it installs the libapache2-mod-php5 package, which brings php5-common as a dependency.
How to Install Jenkins using Apache Brooklyn and Chef

How to Install Jenkins using Apache Brooklyn and Chef

By : user3447576
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps you . The error message you saw indicates that one of the shell commands that Brooklyn tried to run on the cloud server failed - in particular to "run chef for launch" command. To find out why this failed, use the Activity tab:
The tree view on the left contains the whole application. Expand this. This will reveal the entities that make up the application. This blueprint has only one, called jenkins (chef) - click on this. Click on the Activity tab. This will show you the list of tasks. One of them will have the status Failed - click on this. Tasks can have subtasks, so you may see another task list, with one in status Failed - keep following this trail until you come to the last failed task If this is an SSH task, you will have links to download stdout and stderr - you can inspect these to find out exactly why the shell command failed.
code :
name: chef-jenkins
location: vagrant-trusty
- type: chef:jenkins
    jenkins: data:application/octet-stream;charset=UTF-8;base64,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
    apt:     https://github.com/opscode-cookbooks/apt/archive/v2.7.0.tar.gz
    java:    https://github.com/agileorbit-cookbooks/java/archive/v1.29.0.tar.gz
  launch_run_list: [ "jenkins::default" ]
  service_name: jenkins
      jdk_version: 7
Trying to install apache on CentOS7 using Chef

Trying to install apache on CentOS7 using Chef

By : sdb
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it fixes the issue On CentOS / RHEL etc (and on Fedora) the package name for Apache is "httpd".
Alternatively, there is a standard cookbook for installing and configuring Apache2:
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