ARM - Implementing stack with load/store multiple register values

ARM - Implementing stack with load/store multiple register values

By : Neville Goddard
Date : November 28 2020, 08:01 AM
I hope this helps . The stack is memory. some processors it is a special internal memory but it is memory, most often it is really nothing more than a stack pointer register that points into system memory and it is up to the programmers (operating system and/or application) to make sure that their stack pointer doesnt point at some memory being used for something else.
The idea is that you have a limited set of registers, even if you have more than enough registers there may be times for example that you want to do recursion or some other such thing that requires you to re-use some registers being used for something else. The stack provides a simple/fast malloc and free basically for temporary storage of things, registers or local variables or return addresses or whatever you need to store temporarily.
code :

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How to Store value in Stack Pointer Register to Memory (8085)?

How to Store value in Stack Pointer Register to Memory (8085)?

By : Kasper Borg
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope that helps say I have a 16-bit address 1964h in SP register, how to copy this address to a consecutive 8-bit memory in 8085 ? , Did it this way :
code :
    lxi h,0h        ; initialize hl to zero
    dad sp          ; add sp to hl
    shld [dest]     ; store to memory
Why do we store values from s registers to stack rather than moving to a new register in functions?

Why do we store values from s registers to stack rather than moving to a new register in functions?

By : Apurva Telang
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope this helps It is not wrong. However, there are some limitations and sometimes you will have to store the register's content in memory.
If your function does not call any other function, then you may save the s registers in temporary registers, provided that your routine does not need to use those temporary registers. If you need to use those temporary registers then you will end up using memory to backup original content.
How to store multiple values at an index in a Stack?

How to store multiple values at an index in a Stack?

By : DaveAckroyd
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hope this fix your issue Create an object that encapsulates the group of values. The class should mark the fields private and provide getters and setters, but I've left it out for brevity. I also don't know the types for the data, I'm assuming int.
code :
public class Move 
    public int value;
    public int row;
    public int subSquare;
Stack<Move> stack = ...
Move move = new Move();
move.value = 1;
move.row = 2;
move.subSquare = 3;
ARM Assembly, POP Stack and store in register

ARM Assembly, POP Stack and store in register

By : Andrea Taschin
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
around this issue The problem you are encountering is that when multiple registers are specified in a PUSH or POP they are always pushed or popped in numerical order. The order that they are specified in the instruction does not matter. The only way to force the register contents to be swapped in this manner is to perform one of the operations (either the push or the pop) on the two registers individually, in two separate instructions. You will need to check the documentation for the PUSH and POP instructions to determine the default order used when handling multiple registers, and then intentionally reverse that order using two separate instructions.
what are the advantages of implementing register in microcontroller architectures i.e. load store architecture

what are the advantages of implementing register in microcontroller architectures i.e. load store architecture

By : Shl
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish did fix the issue. Register banking is something else, I assume you are simply asking about using a register directly or not. Well the memory access takes an eternity, even if cached. Several to hundreds of clock cycles for each of the operands where in RISC if you are assuming a pure register based scheme which not all are, the lines are getting fuzzy. With CISC if microcoded it is going to registers anyway, then the operation is happening, if not microcoded then it still gets latched into internal temporary storage (registers) and then the operation can begin. With risc you have a couple-three extra, simpler, instructions the latching to registers takes the same amount of time as it does in CISC. Now if the algorithm never uses that result or does not use it for a while, it might be a win for CISC (if not microcoded) but if the value is an intermediate value in an algorithm then a clear win for RISC. Even if everything is cached it is a half a dozen to dozen clock cycles to get each parameter and write it back, any cache misses and it is an eternity. Same for RISC but with more registers, and significantly faster access to those registers, zero or one clock for each value and to store back, for some percentage if not the whole algorithm.
As with any benchmarking it is trivial to show a RISC winning case and to show a CISC winning case.
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